OVA_Office for Visualization in Architecture

Photo by Daniela Braga



We are based in Zurich center and OVA it is found by Urban Würsch. He is also the Co-Founder of Aim Studio. Urban changed his course and studied industrial design at the Zurich University of the Arts. His ability to combine different fields of design, techniques and his understanding for other people’s points of view lead to an extensive comprehension of design.  At the moment he extend his hability in the 3d experience for visualizations. OVA pursuits an interdisciplinary work with architects, 3D artists, graphic designers and photographers.



OVA is an interdisciplinary platform, specialized in realistic unbuilt building photography, images and design products rendering.

As methodology, we are interested in understand the best graphic way to represent a concept. So, we are fascinated about the constant transformation of graphic languages, where atmosphere, light and materiality craft the portrait of a preconceived idea.

OVA designs a photo-realistic 3D experience, with an emphasize in areas as architecture and products. The long experience in this field with architecture enterprises and agencies, especially in Switzerland, allows giving an efficient and suitable response to clients requirement.



  • _Architectural visualizations for unbuilt projects and products (Bird view, exterior and interior renderings)

  • _2D | 3D visualizations Axonometries, perspectives sections and detail facades

  • _Visualizations and design brochures for marketing

  • _ VR 360° visualizations (interior and exterior)

  • _Animations for architecture and product presentations

  • _Architectural / Landscape Photography

  • _Visualizations and design brochures for marketing

  • _Advising and consultation for graphic strategies




Morning Mood                       MIddleday Mood                   Sunset Mood                          Night Mood                           B&W Image         



OVA working method is a creative process developed in association with the client, continuously, in order to reach client’s perspectives.

Contacts to information requests and work premises should be directed to: info@ovastudio.ch. For press inquires, the contact is info@ovastudio.ch. All the feedback will be answered in the same day.


For 3D modelling, lights, materialization, rendering, and post-production, will be send several previews until the final product, according to clients conception. On the web site there are images that reflect different possibility of atmospheres. They work as a reference for a bright and clear perception of OVA projects.

  • Phase 1_Quote (After the image requesting, should be clear understanding the project intentions. Please send us drawing information's, sketches, photos and references, in the way to provide the correct prices for this work)

  • Phase 2_Incoming Information and Modelling 20% (Since the confirmation it's done and all the information's received, we are able to start modelling the 3D Scene. During the process we will always send preview shots in the different phases)

  • Phase 3_Cameras and Previews 5% (In this phase we will send different angles previews in white material scene. This point of view should be more or less the fix one until the final rendering)

  • Phase 4_Lights and Materials 20% (After getting the right camera angle, we will go for the light and material work in the way to create the correct atmosphere desired)

  • Phase 5_Adjusts and Rendering 10% (In all the phases it's possible to correct and adjust the final scene. Before rendering the final image would be good to make all the corrections. The image formats are required)

  • Phase 6_Post Production 45% (Once we have the 3d image in the correct format rendered, we will be able to do the adjustments and getting life into the images. You will be able to change 5 times the image)

  • Phase 7_Delivery and Invoice (The final renderings will be send by email or wetransfer. The invoice will be send with a thanks card from this work)


OVA was founded in 2016, in Zürich, Switzerland. In the last 8 years work we development visualization work in the field of architecture, design, photography and construction. OVAstudio is a division of AIM Studio GmbH.